Why, In 2016, Is It So #$%@ Hard To Access A HIK Product (Camera/Nvr/Dvr) From A Simple Browser?

and I will be glad to eat crow if I just missed the memo on this, but it seems like it's always a crap shoot, every time I attempt this with a new customer. Yes I know about Google's chrome changes, have even played with the IE Tab add on.

These incessant plug ins continue to pop up, even on my service laptop if I try to access a different camera or NVR/DVR. It's very frustrating. Once in, the browser interface is fantastic. Just seems like there would be a simple predictable way to send instructions to a customer and have them use it without major intervention.

This is a surefire way to make it work everytime:

#1) When logging in for the first time on a new computer OR after changing the IP address, you will always be prompted to install the plug in, Do so and shut down your browser while doing so.

#2) After plugin completely installed, log back in, from here you may be asked to accept the plugins activation, go ahead and say yes, After you say yes, you still may be left with a blank screen

#3) After seeing the blank screen, simply refresh and the video will pop up

Firefox is my browser of choice when viewing surveillance stuff nowadays. Chrome, I never use due to it not working with plugins anymore. IE I will use if I have to.

Firefox will stop supporting NPAPI by the end of the year so unless Hik come up with an alternative plugin, their cameras will be accessible by IE only.

Do so and shut down your browser while doing so.

The above sentiment is what most people seem to get confused - one needs to initiate the install process from the browser, but before hitting "Next" for the first time, please close down the browser first.

Failure to do so will often cause the plugin/addon not be registered correctly by the browser you want to run it in.

I'm not a big fan of Arecont Vision, but one thing they did well: the integrated web servers in my AV5155s require no plugins whatsoever. With present day security concerns, this is a reassuring feature.

Requires an MJPEG stream though, I'm guessing...

I guess I'm used to the Hik/Dahua browser codec install hassle. Both have their own web install. Both have issues with anything other than IE. I don't even try an alternate browser anymore.

Chrome supposedly works with new Hik firmware, have you or anyone tried?

I've never had a problem getting on to a hik camera. Typically use Safari on Apple. The intitial plug-in install can be a pain but it's no different than installing most other plugins. I know Hik is working on eliminating plugins right now.