Why Doesnt Microsoft Have A VMS?

One that's included in Windows. Say an ONVIF only, 16 user, unlimited cameras, unlimited user edition. Free.

Call it MS-VMS*

Some Possibilities

  1. Antitrust issues?
  2. Too expensive?
  3. Too small a market?
  4. Agreements with .NET based VMS vendors?
  5. They couldn't care less?
  6. They do already, its called <??????????>
  7. They will have one very shortly.
  8. I have no idea what you're asking.

What's your guess?

*Domain Available $13.95


The market is just too small. There are articles calling the Surface Pro 3 too niche of a product. The Surface Pro 3 is a product that Microsoft sold $908 million worth in one quarter. The Zune was generating $85 million in revenue while it was dying off. In the VMS market the heavyweight, Avigilon, posted $271 million in revenue for all of 2014 and that was on much more than just VMS.

Free generates no revenue and it is unlikely to generate any significant demand for Windows, particularly when the vast majority of the VMS market already requires Windows to operate.

Well, obviously there's a reason, and #3 is a damn good one.

Playing devil's advocate for a moment, I would say that even if the market is too small now, they need to be looking to the IoT future. Lest they get caught out again and try to make some 2nd rate acquisition to catch-up.

A simple but solid ONVIF VMS built in to Windows would be a welcome and familiar sight to many consumers out there, as they continue to buy their wireless Foscam and Dlink crap, one here, one there, and after acquiring a ragtag army devices, try to consolidate.

I don't think it's long before free ONVIF recording and viewing will be built-in to consumer operating systems, but that's just a guess...

#3 -> #5

The also have developed somewhat of a PSIM in conjunction with NYC that they were advertising/had paid news stories a couple years ago. There was an IPVM story or discussion thread about it.

I don't think that MS could simply dev a free edition without going all the way and also dev a paid premium/corporate version. Including a VMS, just like they do Media Center, with a premium version of Windows might be a good idea, but that wouldn't generate any revenue. They would have to have a professional version with more capablilities in order to justify any dev time. In that case, it might be easier to buy out Genetec or the like to get the experienced devs.

Easy answer, Windows Smartphone