Why Does Ethan Hate Unboxing Videos?

Ethan just emailed this to Brian and myself:

At first, I thought, "Oh Ethan finally did an unboxing video. He's got new Hik and Avo cameras today."

But no. He used this to mock unboxing.

Ok, in all seriousness, does anyone really like unboxing videos?

We've never done them because we feel they don't add much value. Thoughts?

I think there's some value in seeing what comes in the box. But I think you can accomplish that with ONE PHOTO. Not a two minute video with a royalty free soundtrack.

Watching streaming videos on our corporate network is discouraged, so it is really frustrating to take the time to watch a potentially interesting video at home and not learn anything I couldn't have learned in a simpler way.

If you can convey all of the included items well, then a video isn't needed.

My first thought was, "Oh, Nice is expanding their product line."

my favorite part of that video was 3... 2... yum! probably doing that everytime I put something in the microwave from now on...

I don't feel there is any value in IPVM showing unboxing... in the ce world I suppose it is popular because the end user is making a decision on a purchase and would like to see products prior to purchase... as an installer we are providing products to a third party who never sees the product in its packaging, and for us unboxing quickly loses its flare after opening the 15th bullet camera or alarm panel for the week...

On the other hand, I am eagerly anticipating Ethan's Arecont re-boxing video.

These were popular with Apple products since they do such a great job with design of the packaging, but even those products have so little packaging now to see. Youtubers seem to have gone crazy with this. Ethan's satire is great and I cannot imagine ever finding a security product unboxing worth seeing.

and I cannot imagine ever finding a security product unboxing worth seeing

Prepare yourself:

I sent this to Ethan last year when we did Testing Axis Access Control. It is previously unpublished unboxing footage.

I personally like the unboxing videos, as I am not that smart and when I bench test cameras I have to put them back in the box. The unboxing video, when played in reverse assists me in ensuring I have the camera packaged properly :)

Other than that they are completely and utterly useless. Better off with a whats in the box and install instructions.