Who Will Announce The First 4K Speeddome?

And when will it ship?

For the record, my prediction is Dahua, shipping by Sep. 2015.

Ante up.

What are you betting?

I am curious who is going to have a real zoom lens speeddome package for 4K?

I will reward whomever correctly predicts the first manufacturer to announce a real 4K PTZ speeddome* with one (1) IPVM member invite sent to the email address of their choosing.

Which way are you leaning, West or East?

*Speeddome must be at least 18X, must be IP, offer void where prohibited, one guess per member.

(South)East primarily because they tend to be less picky about quality, e.g., I am skeptical about a true 4K quality 18x varifocal lens package.

Saw these guys at the show. www.2082tech.com/ex1000hd/

Was hoping that after going to Vegas last month I would finally win something.

...Was hoping that after going to Vegas last month I would finally win something.

And you just may Karsten, Bolin definitely has some very high-end cool stuff...

All that's necessary for the win is that you name the actual model# and provide a link to the full specification sheet and we'll call it a day...


Thanks. Yes I was surprised as the cameras looked closer to mil grade than the usual fare. I requested a spec sheet. The only spec sheet on the site listing 4k was a 12x broadcast/conference room ptz (which does come IP or SDI 3G). So we'll see what they say. Still, if they can put even that 12x in a speed dome it would still be awesome (and probably pricey).


He's the answer from 2082tech.com:

"Our Speed Dome and Upright Dome are available in 4K. Unfortunately, our spec
sheets have not yet been updated. The Specs would be the exact same as the
4K camera on our site as it is the same image module."

Unfortunately, it's 12x (6mm-73mm). Oh well. My streak of luck continues...

The other thing is that, even then I think it only streams IP at 1080p60:

Hi Chris,

The datasheet you listed is our 4K VCC PTZ camera which for Pro AV use and is offered with HDMI and HDBaseT models at 12X Optical Zoom. BOLIN 4K IP PTZ ( Model: SD522B4K-IRN) provides up to 22 optical zoom and streams at 4K(3840x2160)MAX:30FPS. Please visit our website for updated information. http://www.bolintechnology.com/product_category/4k-ptz-camera/ Thank you.

several come to mind, many were eliminated thanks to the guess that Chris put out (OEM reasons)... my guess is as follows:


sales ship date Q4 of 2015

real world ship date Q1 of 2016

It will definetely be Dahua. They will put it up on their website 4th quarter this year, but wont ship to the US until 1st quarter next year. I assume one of the qualifications has to be 30 FPS right?

Seems to be getting closer. I just saw that Dahua has in their latest catalog a 5mp 30x PTZ that supposedly does 30fps. There is also a new IR laser PTZ that does 60fps at 1080. States a 7.3-316mm lens.


Sorry, correction. The 5mp (30fps) PTZ will also do 60fps at 1080. The IR lazer PTZ is 40x at 1080 30fps 7.9-316mm. Wondering how they cram that lens in a speed dome...

Thanks! Wow. 3k 30x h.265 tWDR IP67 200m IR!

As usual no mention of it on the official Dahua site...

We have a winner! And from the good ol', none the less!

Introducing the Aventura 4K 36x speeddome.

One of four announced 4K PTZ's.

Ah yes, now the company that has the biggest PTZ can also now claim the biggest 4K PTZ, smallest 4K PTZ and first 4K PTZ.

Hold on a sec, the judges have placed an OEM hold on the Aventura model, because the camera failed a random design check, reportedly testing positive for Hikvision Speeddome.


Hikvision US says they have a 4K 36x speedome coming out in September. They will have conventional and Integrated IR versions.

As you know, Hikvision does not comment on who does or does not OEM them.

As for your earlier discussion about Hikvision innovation, I think a 4K 36x IR speeddome that worked well, could be a significant advantage over Axis in a premium area where Axis has long done very well.

Does anybody have any experience buying/selling Aventura?

Do they announce 6 months before actually having product?

Any guesses on the street price here? > $4000?

Though not designed for security, this Panasonic PTZ fulfills all the requirements:

4K, IP, 20x, Price: forget about it.

It's about $5k. You're right, not designed for security. This is a pro-video camera. You'll find two or three of these in most news studios.

Michael- we expect to start shipping before the end of the year. Have had a slight delay (was expected for September).

Bob (Hikvision USA)

Bob or Mike, do you have the full spec sheet? I think the left hand side got cut off.

This camera looks to be a monster! 8MP and 36x, -20 tilt, huge sensor...

Any ballpark $ you can throw out?

...we expect to start shipping before the end of the year...

Bob, is this still the expectation?

4K Hik PTZ specs here.

China only, AFAIK. Maybe only works with iVms 5200?

The specs indicate it operates with iVMS4200.

Sorry, it was a bad joke.

Weird, that it's 23x and the one Mike posted was 36x.

And that Hik has gone silent about either one.

Someone needs to notify Aventura so they can update their artwork...

It's here: 4K 36x PTZ camera. Not the first but maybe the best?

...maybe the best?

I would have to see how it does with figure skaters before I make a judgement...

It's here...

Cool. Have you seen price/availability info?

Funny, but there are less details now then there were 4 months ago when you posted that column out of the catalog above.

Now I just see this (and a 404 error for the sheet).

Is it true WDR or not?

~ $4100+


Not $4096?

Ok, who will announce the first 4K Analog HD speeddome?