Who Wants An IPVM Lanyard?

Going to ISC West and don't want to wear the usual marketing material lanyard sponsored by some manufacturer you don't even use? Find Derek or me and you can be the lucky owner of a brand new IPVM lanyard to hold your badge in style, seen here modeled by everyone's favorite IPVM test subject:

Supplies are limited to the first 100 so don't hesitate if you see us walking the floor!

Note: originally I wanted a T-shirt cannon, but John said no and this idea is likely safer.

Like anybody was ever injured with a cannon!

Canon T-shirts won't be in short supply anyway.

Well played, Sir or Madam.

Waiting anxiously for the Ebay auctions =)

jk =l

Also bonus points to anyone wearing these into the Avigilon booth. Even more bonus points if you get an Avigilon employee to wear it and get a photo.

We'll triple your bonus points if you go to a vegas dive tattoo parlor and get inked with an IPVM logo while wearing a lanyard.

What if I get the IPVM lanyard/logo inked on my neck/chest?

What if I get the IPVM lanyard/logo inked on my neck/chest?

Not acceptable. If you look closely at the blue V in the lanyard logo, you might notice that the coloration is actually due to fine German Wiegand filaments embedded in the fabric itself; Kudos for Brian's clever idea of using the 'rabbit-ears' shape of the letter V itself to enhance signal strength.

These allow the wearer's waypoints and associated dwell times to be captured at each visited booth real-time, and then broadcast thruout the expo's LANyard system, providing the staff at the next exhibit with crucial 'prior interest info' which is then used to tailor their pitch to the attendee.

Thus the guy who is coming from 30 minutes at the Dallmeier Den is likely to be treated differently than someone who lingered for hours in the Longsee Lounge. The monetization received from this data is used to defray the cost of the lanyard.

So unless you are willing to submit to a optical neck scan at each exhibit, you may find yourself listening to the same generic pitch given everyone else... ;)

I could *swear* someone got a Dotworkz tattoo about 4 or 5 years ago. I couldn't find any reference to it with a quick google search though.

Those DomeWizard party girls can be persuasive...

Yup, need/want one!

Here's the thing -- I would not recognize either of you.

The guy in the camera tests? That's Derek...

if you see someone who looks half lumberjack / half philosopher, that's Ethan.


or 'Warrior Poet'.

The IPVM staff members all seem to have photos on Linkedin. Makes them a bit easier to track down/stalk for lanyards.

Maybe one of the developers can put their facial recognition software to a real test.

I want one.

I am so getting one when I am at the show.

wish I will be one of the first 100!!!!!!

I want one, please keep one set aside for me.

Just write 'Undisclosed D Manufacturer' on it, so to preserve anonymity...

Will do. I am always in stealth mode.

Register for a badge as Undisclosed A and I'll give you $5.

Let me see...


So you're Undisclosed A, huh?

I've always wondered who that was exactly...

Reserve one of those bad boys for me. PLEASE!!!

finding anyone at ISC is like trying to find waldo... I saw Derek once last year pushing around the big camera tripod on wheels, after that never saw him again, and you would think that would make someone easy to spot...

I'd agree it's not the easiest, but I always find myself running into the same people three times per show, unintentionally. If no one can find us, maybe we'll arrange a meeting spot so we can distribute a couple of these to those missing us, but no promises!

Too bad I am not going to ISC west this year. If you have an extra when it is all over with, I will pay for postage.

Ditto, Ill take one as well if theres any left after the show... though Im not holding my breath lol

As an IPVM member, can I get one of these by mail? Thanks.

Found one! Now I never ever have to wear a Tyco lanyard again at ASIS. Thank you.
Well, I had one and then I saw another IPVM member looking at it with longing in his eyes at our booth so I had to give it up. He knows who he is. I'm a team player.

IPVM Challenge Coins!!!