Who Wants A $149 Bulletproof Cap?

Anyone care to make a fashion statement?

For $149 you can buy a bulletproof baseball cap from bulletproof vest makers "BulletSafe", which they claim has passed their first prototype production test. Below is a video "demoing" the hat:

What do you think?

FYI, this product has been 'engineered' by a company that designs sex toys and bachelorette party merchandise.

From PriveCo.com's about page:

PriveCo operates 10 retail websites that offer you the world's most embarrassing products. Why? Because, given the choice, we know you would rather avoid the embarrassment of buying these items in person.

Our dedicated team brings you over 4,000 of the world's most personal items and our web sites give you a reason to Shop In Private. Whether you are shopping for an embarrassing drug store item, bachelorette party merchandise, enema products, hair loss medications, romantic gifts, or even a vibrators, PriveCo has a website for you.

Brian, it's called "diversified," and "recession-proof." Don't knock it.

Steve's already working on adding a cloud-connected camera to the cap...

PriveCo.com's Design Engineer Want Ad:

Upstart and diversified US manufacturer looking for mechanical engineer with comprehensive design experience in dildos and body armor. Enema nozzle dynamics a plus. Competitive salary and benefits, paid holidays, EOE. Paychecks mailed to your home in unmarked envelopes or Direct Deposit as **PCFUN on your bank statements.

"dildos and body armor" these almost go together. However, if their main goal is to design body armor, I'm sure the sex toy sales keeps a steady cash flow.