Who Uses Viscount Access Control?

I'm gathering some insights about Viscount access control products.

Their big marketing claim / push is:

"[Viscount Freedom] does not utilize traditional Access Control Panels which eliminates the costs and all of the cyber security risks associated with this legacy technology. (That’s right… no Control Panels!)" [Note: their alternative is a device they call a bridge.]

Do you sell/install/integrate that platform? If so, what do you think? Please respond below or email me directly at brian@ipvm.com. I'd like the chance to ask you a few questions.

I appreciate it!

I used them about 6 years ago on a large facility (80 readers) using their RS485 loop architecture. 1 RJ45 In/ 1 RJ45 out to next door, etc...

We followed the recommended guidelines for # of readers per loop and distance for the overall loop and the system failed miserably. It took months to resolve with them finally flying from Canada to the sites and us greatly reducing the loop distances.

Perhaps they have fine tuned these specifications since then but it is too late for me to trust moving forward.