Who OEMs Dahua?

Companion to the Who OEMs Hikvision? discussion, who OEMs their #2 in China counterpart, Dahua?

The list so far:

Who are we missing? Let us know below.


I believe Indigovision does as well

Thanks, #1, I didn't even think of them, but it does look like some of the BX series is Dahua OEM. We'll try and verify that.



Correction: GenIV is OEMing Univew now. 

Tyco/ADT OEMs Dahua on their ADT branded NVRs. Not 100% on the cameras but wouldn't surprise me. 

The Dahua OEM'ed stuff that Tyco sells is from their Holis line

Fyi Integrator #2, Tyco and ADT are two separate companies. Have been for awhile now. 

I think some of the American Dynamics cameras are OEM Dahua. Not certain on that though.

GSS (gogss.com), Crystal

Winic bought GSS last I checked.

DH Vision


Isn't WatchNet Dahua too?

Thanks, added!

I'm thinking this thread should be pinned should be posted to the front page, perhaps along with the Hikvision OEM list .  There are so many OEMs between these two brands I feel that a large portion of the surveillance market is affected without even knowing it.  Somewhere there is a IC Realtime dealer pointing out how Dahua is Chinese made product.

Both this list and Hikvision will be put together and put in a more detailed report, but good feedback, and I agree. Especially with the vulnerabilities exposed lately, it's important that users know who makes their cameras. I'll pin this until those reports are released.

Advidia cameras sold by Video Insight who is owned by Panasonic. Is that why you included Panasonic? if not then which Panasonic branded cameras does Panasonic OEM from Dahua?

Yes, Adividia is owned by Panasonic but Panasonic has started not only started listing Adividia product on their page but is also adopting Dahua product into the main line.  Any A- models are Dahua through Adividia but there are others.  WV-V6430L and most of the others listed as NEW at security.panasonic.com are rebadged Dahua.

Does anyone know who manufactures Verint-branded and March-branded cameras?

Everything in this thread has been checked and added to the list.

Stanley Security

Dotix, but I have no idea how to trace them.

Edit: Scratch that, the "distributor" lied to me on the phone. 4Net Networking = Dotix and is importing from Zhejiang Dahua.

What's happening to this list?

We are going to produce a graphic and publish it as a news report in the next few weeks.




FYI, we just released the Dahua OEM Directory. Any additions, let us know.

From a Chinese export statistics list I am reviewing, other Dahua listed:

Most are outside the US outside of the 2 big names Bosch and Stanley.

And one fairly sizable one, PeopleFu from Thailand.

Does Bosch OEM NVRs only or Cameras also?

Some Bosch cameras are manufactured by Dahua, but as a contract manufacturer, not an OEM. They use actual Bosch firmware, not relabeled Dahua firmware, unlike most.

Thanks Ethan. Do you know which Bosch models are manufactured by Dahua?

First, let me point out that in the case of Bosch, manufacturing appears to be simply manufacturing when it comes to Dahua. These camera models are running Bosch firmware identical to other Bosch models. I haven't found a camera model that's simply using Dahua firmware with a Bosch logo (like Speco, Honeywell, Panasonic, etc.).

The ones I'm aware of that Dahua is manufacturing appear to be some of the bullets and domes in the 4000, 5000, 6000 series. I'm not sure about PTZs or box cameras. 

On the NVR side, though, some recorders are running more similar firmware to Dahua. It's not simply relabeled. Bosch does make firmware changes, and their are hardware differences. We examine specifics in Bosch Divar NVR Tested vs Dahua.