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Who Makes This Thermal PTZ Camera?

OZ with Optional Fire Detection - Dual Sensor FOV Thermal-CCD PTZ IP Heavy Duty Surveillance Camera, Absolute Position, DFOV Thermal 35/145mm, SONY 1020AR/SONY6500

I'm interested in finding the manufacturer of this camera as I think it has a lot of applications. Only issue I have right now is that Ex-sight is a system integrator (appears to be from the website) and I can't find/discover for the life of me what brand this particular camera is.

Would appreciate the help!

I think this "camera" did not exist in substantially this form before Ex-sight assembled/manufacturered it. (Confidence 70%). Though they "manufactured" it from some rather large "raw materials": (all this i'm sure you've scoured already, I'm just including it for others.)

Housing PTZ: Videotec

Visible sensor: Sony

Lens: Sony?

Thermal: ?

Analytic: Ex-sight

Integration: Ex-sight

They want to be a super-integrator/manufacturer who provides product to re-branders. I'm intentionally avoiding the word OEM here, as I doubt it helps.

Here's part of their profile:

OVERVIEW Ex-Sight is an Israeli company which specializes in research and development of video analytics security solutions. It provides worldwide OEM integration and development services, high-end video analytics, biometric engineering, image processing, and software development platforms for worldwide integrators.

MISSION We deliver crucial technological change by merging our innovations with conservative systems. We leverage the progress of large scale integrators by our R&D contribution. We develop our off-the-shelf applications into building blocks for enterprise information security and financial transactions sectors. We provide the customer with technologically advanced yet easy to manage products within the shortest time frames.

VISION Our foremost goal is to become a leading worldwide OEM Video Analytics manufacturer.

Opgal is an OEM of thermal cameras. Here's the specific module OP's camera uses (pdf). It actually looks pretty cool.

I'm also of the opinion that the proper term for a company that buys a bunch of stuff from a bunch of different manufacturers, slaps it together in a new and unique way, and lays their own software on top so that the whole is greater than the sum of their parts is value added reseller. You could also just say manufacturer and be done with it.

high sensitivity uncooled microblometer

Huh??? I've heard of microbolometers but...

So uncool!

Face Pass Technologies


So essentially this makes it almost impossible for us to source the camera from a more "popular" manufacturer...

Their IP cameras are very similar to the cameras carried by Amag and UDPtechnologies. This makes it a little confusing.

Anybody here have experience dealing with them? we might just wind up importing this from them.

Undisclosed A, are you referring to Opgal or Exsight?

Was referring to Ex-sight.

Why not talk to Opgal first and see what they can provide to you? They are a reputable / known manufacturer in this niche.

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