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Who Makes A Reliable Electrified Hinge?

I've recently completed a huge installation that had a large number of electrified hinges. A large percentage of them failed very quickly after installation, or at the time they were installed. The problem I had was that the conductors would short to the hinge, or ground in metal frames.

Can you recommend a reliable hinge to use? I use normal and heavy hinges for my installations.

Thanks in advance.

I really like this question and am curious to read the answers myself!

I have not used them in a while, but Marray seemed to have a good product.

I just completed an upgrade where the client had several power transfer hinges and had been in palce for years. Really wish I got the make and model. I think I'm headed back out that way soon, I'll try and get the make and model.

Securitron released the ICPT (click for our post) a few years back, and I always have wondered if the wireless power transfer results in a more reliable device.

See the video below:

All things equal, I'd guess the ICPT is probably more finicky to get aligned and keep adjusted during the ongoing use of the opening.

Any firsthand experience?

We have also had good success with the Marray electrified hinges. Try and use the type that has heavier gauge wire for the lock. Bommer also makes a good electric hinge.

Most problems I have seen with electric hinges stems from poor installation. It is very easy to get the delicate hinge wires trapped behind the hinge. Over time, pressure pushs the conductor through the insulation, causing the wires to short to one another or to earth ground through the door frame.

I suggest the use of heat shrink tubing to better protect the wiring and/or the use of a rubber grommet on the hole drilled through the metal door frame.