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Who Is The Most Respected Person In The Security Industry?

"This Is The Most Important Person in the Security Industry" post the other day got me thinking. Who is the most respected or important person in the security industry? I looked down the IFSEC list of Top 40 and wondered how some/majority of these people were nominated. Is it like MVP voting in MLB? Is it Coworker submissions?

How would we judge? What would the criteria be?

The Most Important Person in the Security Industry, to me, is the Bad Guy. But the Bad Guy is really not one person.

Should it be broke up into various classes like;

  • Manufacturer
  • Distribution
  • Integrators
  • Alarm Dealers
  • And etc.

Or should the most important person be an Engineer that made something possible? Or should it be an Engineer and a person with ADD (Wozniak & Jobs)?

Should it be for an Industry Blogger like John? Or for a promoter of Analog HD like Todd Rockoff? How about the Engineers at Dahua who figured out HD-CVI?

How would we figure out next year's most important/respected person? Could the previous year's winner still take the top spot? Or would we water it down by not allowing that so we have to get even more creative year after year?


I wouldn't classify Todd Rockoff as "most important". Most Annoying is a much better fit....

Anyway, HDcctv 1.0/1.1/2.0 NR is not analog - it is digital, as the underlying technology of HD-SDI means "High Definition Serial Digital Interface". HDCVI (HDcctv 2.0 AT) is, however, analog (HDCVI stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface).

PS - Gotta love the acronyms! As if there wasn't enough confusion in the marketplace, add HD-TVI (no idea what that stands for) and every other combination of "HD" in Video Surveillance acronyms and you are pretty much guaranteeing confusion.

So your answer is: "Not Rockoff"? :)

LOL. More like "Never Rockoff"!

By the way, speaking of Todd, I challenged him again recently regarding HDcctv CX, HDcctv XR, HDcctv 2.0 AT and HDcctv 2.0 NR. He posted "Pose a direct question, and we'll give you a straight answer" so I posed three questions:

1. What happened to HDcctv CX and HDcctv XR? Not the HDCVI products that are incompatible with HDcctv 1.x but the extensions of HD-SDI-based HDcctv that were supposed to maintain backwards compatibility?

2. What are the sales / sales growth numbers for HDcctv EXCLUDING non-HDcctv-compliant HD-SDI products?

3. Why has the HDcctv Alliance reneged on their promise to maintain backwards-compatibility in their products? I specifically refer to the lack of compatibility between HDCVI-based HDcctv 2.0 AT products and HDcctv 1.x/2.0 NR products.

Four days later and I can still hear the crickets chirping, LOL.

Carl, from your perspective...who or what group would you think should be in the top 5 or the top spot?


I think the whole idea is silly anyway. I believe all industries have a number of important people - many of them totally unsung. Choosing one person over another, and by the way, usually from a list of the most popular people not necessarily the best people, is typically a tactic by those who believe that popularity trumps everything.

It reminds me of the "Best of" polls in the San Diego Union Tribune. I always marvel at the winners of these polls - typically large chains who do the most advertising, not places who provide the best products or services.

On that note: I've always been disappointed that more technical people don't win awards. Without us, the salespeople would have nothing, or at least nothing unique, to sell yet we rarely are even acknowledged, much less awarded/rewarded.

As for IFSEC's voting, they had a page where anyone could submit anyone. Then they said they made the final selection based on input from online voting.

I think it's silly / subjective too and don't want to try ranking anyone on something so broad.