Who Is LTS / LT Security?

I have been getting promotional emails from a US based company with very low prices. However, they seem to be a Chinese re-labeler.

I am trying to get a sense of who they are.

The company is LTS aka LT Security.

Here's an example of the prices they claim:

A few places online say they are a Hikvision OEM. Some of the camera's physical form factor resemble Hikvision. Hikvision, themselves, responded with 'no comment' though manufacturers will never officially comment on their OEMs.

Part of my confusion is - If LTS is just a re-labeler / OEM for Hikvision and Hikvision has their own fully setup sales and support organization in the US, why would one buy from LTS?

Any thoughts or experiences?

I've met with representatives from LTS and according to them they are not an OEM for Hikvision, or anyone else. I don't know how accurate this is or not, but they were adamant that they made their own equipment.

Don't they all say that :)

On LinkedIn, LT Security's employee listing (almost everyone in sales) looks like an OEM. By contrast, a similar search for your company shows half sales, half engineering - the type of ratio that is typical for real manufacturers.

Also, here's a discussion from someone using / experimenting with LTS and Hikvision cameras, who found them to be the same.

Hey maybe they're using "custom firmware."

Also known as: "We uploaded a different logo."

It does seem a bit fishy to me too. I was just reporting what I was told.

Thanks, I appreciate it. It's good to know what their public posturing is.

[IPVM Editor's Note: Poster is from LTS]

LT Security Inc. is nationwide with 7 branch locations. LTS is an independent company with a large R&D center in Shenzhen, China. Perhaps they have similar research and development ties? Each branch location has a sales team, warehouse, and the ability to sell quality products at reasonable costs.

"LTS is an independent company with a large R&D center in Shenzhen, China."

Exactly the opposite is true, Undisclosed B Manufacturer.

LT Security Inc is one of a group of US wholesale/distribution arms of: SHENZHEN BROVISION TECHNOLOGY CO LTD.

The R&D is done here in the US - everything they 'make' is coming from 1 of 3 factories they have in China.

These companies are also part of the same group:


LaView HD IP Security Camera Systems & Surveillance

LT Security has 4 regional sales offices (CA, MD, IL, NY) and 3 regional distribution centers (NJ - TX - CA)

I imagine having distribution centers located strategically across the U.S. makes logistical sense when you have to fulfill orders from Walmart, Kmart, Ebay, Sears, Home Depot and others...

The R&D is done here in the US...

Apparently so, but doesn't this R&D Lead position description, in IL,  sound a little off?

Seems like Lead Bean Counter to me, maybe R&D here means Replenishment & Distribution or Rebranding & Disguising?

I have to admit that I typically don't look at R&D positions, but I was surprised to see so much focus on cost in the job description. I think your 'Rebranding & Disguising' title might be pretty close to the mark.

I got an evaluation system from them sent by Sourceit. It was hikvision, verified by connecting with my hikvision client ivms4200 software. I responded the same way, why would I buy from them. Funny, though, that on sale through distribution, that value dome is 130 bucks and here they are offering for much less.

Is it possible on the hardware side it is not hikvision, but the firmware and software is OEM from hikvision?

That is interesting, Jeffrey. You were able to add an LTS DVR(?) to Hikvision's proprietary management application? Everything I can find online says that this software only finds Hikvision devices.

The reason I find this interesting is that I only figured out the link between LTS and BROVISION (the usual ways appeared intentionally obscured) because when I went to view an LTS device remotely via web browser, it required a download of a file called WebComponents.exe - which reveals the maker:

Once I found this, it was pretty easy to find the affiliations between the various entities I listed in my first comment.

I wonder if Undisclosed Manufacturer B would care to shed some light on this matter?

If you check out LTS website, they have a much larger variety of product line from analog solutions, HD-SDI, and IP. Their service seems reputable with active sales and tech reps at each of the 7 locations.

Undisclosed B, you are posting from an LTS email address. Readers take note.

Are there any plans to add HD-TVI to the product line?

The OUI of the MAC address from an LTS DVR is 8c:e7:48. Typically, OUIs are matched to specific manufacturers but this one turns up 'private'.

Interestingly, though, the same 8c:e7:48 OUI is cited in a Hikvision manual as well as an Infosec report.

This points to the two companies hardware being related.

Here is the LAVIEW SkyView HD app for iPads in the App store - by BroVision

"SkyView Cam HD is a mobile phone surveillance application just based on iPad, which supports the full line of Hikvision products, including the DS-7000/8000 series DVRs (dual stream models), DS-7300/8100 series DVRs , DS-9000/9100 series DVRs, DS-6000/6100 series digital video servers, as well as network cameras and speed domes that support standard H.264 video codec. "

I discovered LTS almost 4 years ago and even posted about it on this website, without referencing their name. I found a sub $200 DVR (unheard of at that time) that had a fantastic user interface and just plain worked. I had direct imported several different DVR's in previous years from Korea, Taiwan and China and had had very mixed results with their reliability, tech support and ease of use. LTS offered a US based presence with stocked inventory which eliminated long lead times and wire transfers.

Not being content, I dug further to see if I could eliminate the middle man and found that their DVR's were made by TVT Digital out of GuangDong. I made an appointment to meet with their CEO at the next ISC West to discuss buying direct. He was very hesitant as he informed me that LTS purchased about $2 million US per month from them, well beyond any order I was pondering. I continued to purchase through LTS for my analog needs and have been very pleased with the price/performance of their equipment. I'm pretty sure some of the Qsee (sp?) line are from TVT as well. The "Super Live and Super Cam mobile phone apps are also their products.

A little over a year ago, LTS began pushing their "Platinum" line of products that were both analog and IP and featured a 3 year warranty. Turned out these products were from HIK. They seem to be pushing the HIK line more extensively now. The cameras are excellent, but I'm not as crazy about their NVR and CMS compared to TVT.

Interestingly, another VMS company, Video Insight also relabels some of the same HIK IP cameras under their Advidia line.

Good feedback. I had not heard about TVT Digital.

I have seen other re-labelers / OEMs switch over time amongst different manufacturers / factories. This looks like what LTS is doing.

Btw, that TVT Digital is listing a series of HDTVI cameras (for those interested in the upcoming Hikvision HDTVI offerings).

Interesting thread.

If all of the LTS people say they are not an OEM of Hikvision, maybe they are telling the truth.

MAC address OIU's indicate manufacturer.

Maybe LTS/Brovision is actually a part of Hikvision itself.