Who Is IPVM And Who Is It Becoming?

John, I thought it might be interesting to know of the four self-described types Manufacturer, Distributor, Integrator and End User, what's the general makeup of the community?

And with all the discussions about integrators being 'marginalized' and the rising up of the end user and DIY segment, I was wondering whether you are seeing disproportionate influx of those groups as well.

A single integrator is/was the shared know-how of many end-users. One would expect to see a dramatic rise in the numbers of new DIYers who find themselves SOL and find IPVM in their quest for self-sufficiency. Though the price of IPVM might negate their first time savings, some would rightfully see it as a wise investment just the same.

Or is the integrator influx on the uptake as integrators try to stay ahead of everyone else technically?

In any case, do you see any trends in IPVM's demographic that might inform as to the state of the industry as a whole?

Btw if you ever want to run that IPVM around the world report again, that was interesting as well.

The notable trend I see is some smaller manufacturer members downsizing or leaving the industry. That's a trivial part of IPVM as a business but I do see it as a 'canary in a coal mine' for what is happening with the manufacturer market.

End users are probably gaining share of IPVM membership but I think that's more of them finding out about IPVM later than a DIY trend bringing us members. Also, I don't think there's a dramatic increase in DIY among businesses, I think it's more that they are paying less to integrators and manufacturers per unit / camera / door.

Integrator memberships are fairly stable / growing.

In terms of membership, it's roughly 60 / 30 / 10 - integrators / installers, manufacturer / distributors, end users.

As for the around the world report, I don't see any terribly notable shifts in geographies. The strength of the US dollar has made IPVM more expensive for many professionals in other countries and we have had a few people make note of that, but that's not been major.

Part of what IPVM is becoming is based on what we plan to do. For now, I've been more focused spending time with my family than expansion. We are publishing more than ever (tests, news, etc.) but marketing and outreach is a low priority.