Who Is Avertx? The New Costco Kid?

A member recently asked us about AvertX.

They seem pretty clearly to be a relabeler, sort of a startup Swann.

But who are they? What is their positioning?

The company does not appear to have existed more than 2 years ago (e.g., according to their whois record). Their website does not list any specific human beings. On LinkedIn, they just have 2 employees listed.

They appear to be offering the typical basic entry offering of a Dahua / Hikvision relabel, like so:

And they are selling a number of things at Costco.

Anyone have info / ideas?

The cameras seem to be Uniview. I would assume the recorders would be the same as well.

Was AvertX related to (or spring from) Openeye and PCO (PC Open)?

Check Nevada Corp records for AvertX and work backwards.....