Who Has Insight On This Dahua Camera IPC-HDBW4300R-Z?

I have several of these (Dahua ipc-hdbw4300r-z) and they seem to preform better than cameras i paid 3 times as much for.I had several hikvision ds-2cd2632f-is which is a lot more expensive but dahua out preforms them.Anyway i wanted any input on these units and if anyone has used them and what their thoughts are.

So what are you paying for the Dahua dome?

Hik definitely has some 3mp varifocal IR outdoor domes that are much cheaper than the one you mention, have you tried any of them?

i pay like 125c for dahua and 160ish for hik.What models are you referring to?

That part number doesn't exist in any Dahua documentation that I can find. Either they were made for a specific client or they aren't authentic. I found a listing for them on Amazon, which is hardly the bastion of legit cameras, but it seems as if this is very similar to the IPC-HDBW2300R-Z. $125 for a motorized zoom dome is quite cheap, which also leads me to believe it was either a fire sale model, or fake.