Who Gives The Best Free Training?

It seems like many manufacturers offer some kind of product training at no cost. In my experience, though, this 'training' is more like an informercial and is 90% fluff and maybe 10% useful information.

I've personally sat through examples from Vivotek, ACTi, Sony, Arecont and Axis. All the same training agenda: "Welcome to IP, it's really not that expensive, this is how you address an IP camera, these are our models, here is why IP is the best choice."

Make no mistake, this is always billed as training and may even 'earn' you some CEUs, but it is really just salesmen hoping to sell salesmen, not train technicians or designers.

With that said, they are could be some hidden gems that some may be missing. What is the best FREE training that you have attended? What made it useful?

Axis' web training is probably the best in the business, admittedly a low bar to clear.