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Who Are The Leading EAC Reader Manufacturer?

I'm trying to compile a list of the leading companies that make their own EAC readers (open or proprietary, regarless of sensing technology). Sounds easy enough, but many of the big PACS names rebadge or resell somebody else's reader. I believe HID makes their own and is probably the industry volume leader, and the newly introduced CEM Systems (Tyco) now makes the Emerald reader. What about Bosch, Lenel, or Honeywell, or others? Any other companies with meaningful volume that make their own reader from scratch?

Kantech (Tyco) also has their own IoProx reader and credentials. We have used for many years and it is reliable and they offer lifetime on the reader.

Do you really just want to know who are the LEADING reader manufacturers? Because your list is going to be short and have only 3 letters...H-I-D

If you want to know ALL the manufacturers who make readers, then that list will be much more comprehensive.

ASSA ABLOY's HID has the lions' share of the market. There are a few other manufacturers that make readers for others in the US such as XceedID and a few others, but they have very little market share.

Other EAC companies such as AMAG, Hirsch, and Gallagher/Cardax make their own readers, but primarily for their own EAC systems.

Bosch, Honeywell and others often relabel HID equipment.