Which Alarm Panic Button For Walk-In Freezers?

Which button do you use when installing in a restaurant freezer?

These buttons need to be tamper proof and able to be located in frigid conditions:

[Image user submitted in a FB Group Page]

These buttons are installed in freezers to address the scenario when robbers/gunmen round up all the occupants of a restarant and lock them in a walk-in cooler. (This situation occurred in the Oklahoma Sirloin Stockade Murders of 1978.) The alarm button allows someone locked inside to call for help.

In my high school fast-food job, I remember a button like this in the freezer, but it was constantly breaking and causing false alarms. The combination of coldness, abuse (having boxes slammed against it), and the washdowns led to problems beyond what typical Alarm Panic Switches deal with.

What type of button do you use?

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