Which VMSes Run On Microsoft SQL Server?

I'd like to get a list of this.

We know Genetec Security Center and Omnicast as well as Milestone Corporate/Expert (but not the E series / lower end versions).

What else?

Axxon. NUUO. Lenel. Aimetis. DvTel.

Al these one runs on SQl Server?

Do they have a failover server as well?

Lensec. iPconfigure. Video Insight. MaxPro.

IPConfigure - Enterprise Surveillance Manager (ESM)


ONSSI "classic" (high-end version)

Bosch VMS and IndigoVision provide modules for SQL Server Integration, but do not appear to 'run' on it.

ONSSI's low end versions use SQL Express

Old or new OnSSI? i.e. Milestone OnSSI or Seetec OnSSI?

Old(4.x) low-end versions use SQL Server (express) for management server configuration data, but not for video.