Which VMS That Supports Lonworks Networks

I'm invited to maintain a very old project with Analog cameras, the communication system used to connect all the other system's devices is called LonWorks.

It seems that the H/W of the LonWork and the Workstations are very old and I've to replace all together with the old VMS.

What do you recommend me using as communication network to control, the IR , external switches , the D/N mode of the cameras ... and what is the best VMS that supports that communication system.

Thanks a lot for all positive sharing and advises.

How many cameras are there? Are you trying to sled uphill?

Dear Jon,

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I've 200 Cameras, 200 Infra Red (to control for On/Off), 200 PIR (send alarms as contact close ).

Ethernet. If you need I/O modules they are available and several VMS platforms can receive inputs and control outputs from them. as for controlling the function of the camera for Day/Night, preset, alarms, that's a function of the VMS and camera integration.

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Which I/O modules brands you suggest, and can I use the existing twisted wires already connected in the system ?

For the D/N switches (it's an analog system), I've to send a 12V command to the switch inside the camera to open or close, that is done by Lon node).

Which LonWork's I/O modules are you trying to integrate with?

I'm not sure (will have to test later), but there is a small chance you could cobble something together with Exacq for this.

Dear Brian,

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I'm using very old model PCLTA-10 PC card from Echelon, and Lon node at the device edge.

I may upgrade it to PCLTA 21 Adaptor, but I don't know if the existing Lon node is compatible or not.

If you really want to keep what sounds like very old cameras, I think your best option might be to replace the Lon controllers with an I/O module supported by your preferred VMS. There are many more options to choose from that way.

Dear Brian, although the system is very old, but still the quality of the cameras and the accuracy of the video motion boards from Adpro are functioning very good and sufficient for the client's needs.

What brands and models you suggest as I/O modules (working with twisted pair cable network) and compatible VMS ?

Is the physical network based on propreitery FT-10 transceivers or is Ethernet with Lonworks IP tunneling?

Sorry for my late reply

I'm not able to answer your question, but in the working station I've this PCI board installed: PCLTA-10 (PC card Echelon 9823E M/N73401) and at each device there is module is called lon node connected via twisted pair wire (over long distance reaches 1200 m for the farthest node).

Does that help ?