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Which Thermal Cameras Has I/O Ports And Audio Out Ports?


Im lookin to find which thermal cameras has I/O and audio ports.

I want to connect and controll loudspeaker and a flashing light.

Controll of loudspeaker and and flashlight though Milestone.

Camera should be an ip thermal camera. IP 66 rated. minimum resolution 320*240. bla bla..

I found AXIS Q1931–E.

Which cameras can you find?

@ Undisclosed Manufacturer. I was answering the quetsions presented and not marketing my product or any specific project design. If it's a project feel free to call me. With that said I disclose who I am so there is no mistake about my intent.

Yes, but in this case analytics is not at the edge, its severbased due to demands like redundancy and failover functions are requested. The site is a remote site and only have one available IP port, using an analytics brigde/encoder adds more hardeware to the site and more maybe power needs. Connecting the only the encoder to the existing port, would give me the ports I need but wouldn't give me the option to monitior and configure the actual camera remotely.

Plus the size of the existing communication box dosen't allow more room to fit an additional router or and/or encoder. That means that I have to buy a bigger box to fit the additional equipment. If i connect the encoder and the camera it also costs me to licences in the VMS instead of one..

@ Greg

Is adding ports to thermal cameras such a bigg cost? I mean now that thermal cameras are becoming more and more mainstream, would you not have these ports as a standard to a themal camera? Or at least as a cheap way to add a USP?

to sum things up: I would like to replace the existing thermal cameras and install new ones that has I/O and audio ports, move the existing ones to sites where there is no demand for additional loudspeakers or flashing lights, "only analytics" is needed.

Analytics is hard enough as it is...

Flir F and FC imagers are typically connected to an Analytics processor (VideoIQ, IOImage, Mate, etc) who provide that functionality. A Flir F or FC can stare at any lighting provided, including that big one in the sky. As previously mentioned a source of significant heat or cold would need to be generated locally.

I was a little surprised to find that FLIR didn't have audio on either the FC or F series. Not sure if they'll include it on their upcoming lower cost cameras, though I'd tend to doubt it.

Thanks Ethan! On normal cameras you kind of take fore granted that you would have audio and I/O ports, but it doesn't seem to be the case with thermals.. Kind of strange dont you think?

The only other one I know off the top of my head with audio and I/O is the Pelco Sarix Ti.

No. That's one of the benefits of thermal cameras, far more immunity to visible spectrum wide dynamic range lighting. The light would only blind the camera if it were producing an INTENSE amount of heat.

Thats what i wanted to test.

I was hopeing that i shouldn´t effect the camera too much.

Plan was to mount the flashing lights at the top of the pole and the camera situated a bit below (aprox3 ft) the flashing light

The use of a flashing light should only be used when the analytics has identifyed an intrusion.

And its not triggerd directly from the analytics. Only when an operator have verified that there is someone there that shouldnt be there in the hopes of that the person leaves the area, and if nessesary also use the loudspeaker.

Anybody done this before with thermal cameras and would like to share some knowlege?

Thanks in advance.

Flashing light.


Wouldn't a flashing light blind a thermal camera?

I'm seriously asking, I honestly don't know. I guess an LED flashing light probably doesn't throw off enough heat to matter, but it should be something to test first.