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Which Switch Do You Use Most: Managed, Unmanaged Or Smart?

Interested in any feedback on web-enabled smart switches.

I added a poll to the discussion above.

What I've typically seen is that the 'smartness' of the switch typicall increases with the number of cameras. For small camera counts an unmanged switch is generally fine. If you have just a couple of switches maybe you want to use a web smart switch. Large installations almost always have managed switches.

How do you define the difference between "Managed" and "Web enabled smart" switches?

We use mainly Cisco SG300 series, as we've found them to be highly reliable and cost-effective. The only "managed" features I actually use on them is the ability to power-cycle cameras using PoE; we haven't yet had a need for anything beyond that.

I've tried a few other lower-cost switches such as D-Link, Netgear, Belkin, etc. but none seem to handle the traffic as well as the SG300s.

Do you define web enabled smart switches as switched like Meraki? If so I have rarely used them though they are nice. I used to use the Cisco SG300 and SG500 series but have since started using the HP brands. The Cisco brand, as Matt Ion says above are very reliable and easier to manage than the IOS based Cisco switches..