Which Support Ticket Software Do You Use?

A member wrote in looking for help:

"What do members use to track and manage support tickets? We are using Trello as a hack and it is not working out for us anymore."

This is a good topic, and I'm curious to read your feedback. When I worked for an integrator we used a custom built extension of MS Great Plains ERP that I would not recommend is cheap or extensible.

Does anyone have a better answer?

My Synology came with one called osTicket, it's not bad... improved a lot since I started using it. Free, and all PHP, so you can extend/modify it yourself.

Zendesk. I love it. It is Cheap, reliable, has web portal and mobile apps!!!

Android App


We use Zendesk too. You can start out small and it can grow with your business and needs.

We just switched from Zendesk to Connectwise. With Connectwise we can now link tickets to customers assets which helps streamline the process and lets us track which products we spend the most time servicing. Zendesk is nice but we needed the next level.

We use Autotask: Cloud based & competitor to ConnectWise in the IT Services industry. Can also link assets to tickets. Integrates to Quickbooks to streamline billing & Quotewerks to streamline Quoting.

I use something that is not really heard of, Hesk, it is a PHP app that I run on my web server,

it tracks issues very very well and the price cant be beat $40 for a license

I have used Track-It! in the past (in an IT environment) and thought it was solid solution. We were using it to track/prioritize daily work of our technicians, projects, and also used it for inventory management.

I've actually been looking into this a lot recently. There are a lot of Help Desk solutions out there, but I've found most are designed for internal use and either work only ok or not well for servicing external customers. The current buzzword I've learned for what we are looking for is Professional Services Automation, or PSA. It's software designed for MSP's as a step above systems designed as internal Help Desk, with better job costing report capabilities, specifying customers who have different rates, warranty and service plans, technician scheduling and calendaring, etc. All those things that matter to a service provider but are not that important for an internal Help Desk system.

The most interesting solution I found so far is The Project System. I'm pretty sure I heard about it from a post here on IPVM. It's a modular software system designed for low voltage installers with modules for end to end management of almost ALL aspects of a business, including CRM, inventory, quotes, etc.

If you're looking at a cloud based solution, make sure they have a way to backup or pull out all your data if you leave their service! I almost got excited about one for it's features and price and then found out they had no method for you to pull out your data.

We are using Spiceworks for internal ticket requests, it's free and has a significant amount of IT tools in the same package- easy to use too if you have techs that may not be 100% up on IT skills

We are using a company called Desco. We have actually switched out accounting package over to them as well. IOS and Android tech apps, project tracking and costing, serial number tracking, and Service agreement tracking. Awesome tech support and have had zero issues up to this point.