Which Security/Surveillance Manufacturers Are Dealer Only?

One of the fundamental differences among security manufacturers is how they resell equipment.

Some manufacturers enlist 'dealers', who are typically integrators that also install equipment as finished systems.

Those selling through dealers usually observe a few rules in the way they resell:

1. No internet sales: Dealer lines may prohibit reselling product without also furnishing a labor component, and frequently prohibit selling equipment directly to the public online. This also essentially makes pricing more difficult to research for the casual 'price shoppers'.

2. Reseller Training: Many dealer lines carry an expectation of reseller sales or installation training before they can be sold. In contrast, a 'distribution line' will sell to anyone with an interest in buying the gear, regardless of familiarity or experience.

However, there are sometimes other rules, like only having a certain number of dealers in a region, expecting certain resell volumes, and so on.

Here is the list in progress:

Dealer Video Lines:

  • Avigilon
  • Genetec
  • Geutebruck
  • IndigoVision
  • March Networks
  • NICE
  • Verint
  • DVTel
  • 3xLogic
Dealer Access Control Lines:
  • Lenel
  • Software House (C CURE)
  • DSX
  • Genetec
  • AMAG
  • Maxxess Systems
  • Sielox
  • Brivo
  • RS2
  • Honeywell Pro-Watch
  • S2
  • OpenOptions
  • Keri Systems
  • Hirsch Identive
  • Continental Access
  • Quintron Systems
However, there are many more. Please chime in and fill in the blanks so we get a good reference here.


Maxxess Systems




BTW, I think it's March, not Marsh, Networks. :)

BTW, I think it's March, not Marsh, Networks. :)

Ugh. Thanks, fixed. (It wasn't even autocorrect. )


Although their cameras are found on Amazon, Hikvision claims to be dealer distribution only in the USA. Hikvisionusa.com appears to require credentials for access, and Hikvision firmware updates do not appear ot be available to the general public. Thoughts?

"Hikvision claims to be dealer distribution only in the USA"

Really? Hikvision is available for sale all over the Internet from US retailers (Google shopping results).

Hikvision lists lots of distributors in North America.


Brivo is a dealer access control product.

RS2 and Honeywell Pro-Watch are dealer only for access control. S2 is dealer only in the USA.

Bosch and DMP are dealer only on the intrusion side.

Dvtel is dealer only for the most part though you can purchase a couple items through ScanSource

Thanks, list updated. Please keep these rolling in.

March Networks available through ScanSource (not sure if full-line)

March through Scansource

Thanks. One thing we need to clarify is whether this means available to any customer of the distributor. For example, does ScanSource check / block purchases for March Networks products if the integrator / dealer is not verified as authorized by March or can any ScanSource customer buy March? I've forwarded this to March for clarification.

[Poster is from March Networks]

Only March Networks certified partners can purchase our products through ScanSource Security. A key part of being 'certified' means they've taken our web based technical certification training on our products.


Milestone for Enterprise, Expert & Corporate lines.

Hello Brian! It appears you can buy these versions through distributors with the proper training. However, the fact you can buy the 'junior' versions without any training (and even download it for free) kind of negates any dealer exclusivity.

Brian and others, we have found in the last year and a half (we are newibes in the use and deployment of IP video surveillance systems) that we could not make purchases directly from a manufacture (like Sony). Rather, we were directed to go through a third party distributer like VoIP Supply. A very frustrating system of having to deal with only prequalified vendors who it turns out are dealers in the region that we operate. Trying to get pricing information without a commitment for installation has been a trip.

As previously stated, I'm a newbie to the IP video surveillance world which is why I have taken it on my self to seek the knowledge need for operating in this environment. My start with IPVM is a definate step in the right direction. Reading the different posts, discussions, and questions being asked has allowed me to develop a better understanding for the IP Video Surveillance Industry.

Thanks for your post on "One of the fundamental differences among security manufactures and how they resell".

Hello Robert:

On this point

"A very frustrating system of having to deal with only prequalified vendors who it turns out are dealers in the region that we operate."

I am curious: how often are these vendors competitors to yours? Often? Infrequently?

As an integrator, there were a few occasions we had to buy from competing integrators because they were dealers are we were not. However, I wondered if this was more due to my specific sales region than a common occurrence for others.

Added more access companies:

  • OpenOptions
  • Keri Systems
  • Hirsch Identive
  • Continental Access

Both lists updated per feedback. Thanks for the help, keep them coming.

Often companies such as D-Link go through distribution but offer dealers extra margins for becoming qualified in their products.

Neil, that's a common approach of most widely surveillance available products. While they will not restrict availability, they will allow high volume dealers to get 5 / 10 / 15% more off than people who buy retail.

Last time I was aware of it, Keri Systems goes through distribution and has never been a closed product line. Did something change? I havent sold them in 9 or 10 years, so I suppose it could have changed.

Keri's Unauthorized Resell (see: our discussion) policy starts with:

"Keri Systems products are sold through a network of installing dealers."

I checked several national security distributors, and the only Keri parts I found were replacement credentials. But getting controllers through 'other' industrial distribution does not appear to difficult.

I'll reach out to Keri for clarification. Thanks Scott.

Please post Quintron Systems, Inc. We promote our AccessNsite access control and intrusion detection system via a dealer channel.