Which IP Camera And NVR Manufacturers Come With A Self Signed Certificate?

I don't have a current axis camera to try out... do axis cameras come with a self signed certificate so you can use HTTPS out of the box? Or do you need a CA/buy a certificate?

I though self signed certs were pretty standard, but the manual makes it sound like you need to install one.

Maybe this should be moved to a new thread, but any ideas which ip camera and nvr manufacturers come with a self signed certificate?

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I've not seen any camera that does anything but use self-signed certificates as standard.

The 4 Axis cameras I looked at recently all generated their own certs when you enabled HTTPS and you could then generate a certificate signing request. This could then be signed by a CA (likely your own), and the signed cert installed on the device.

Many of the lower quality cameras use the same certificate across all devices, rather than generate them.