Which Industry CEU/CEC Association Offers More Value To The Security Industry: BICSI Or ESA And Why?

The question pretty much says it all. I'm curious to hear the differing opinions amongst integrators/ manufacturers/ and distributors.

This seems to assume that either offers value.

Looks good on the shelf... ;)

With ESA, it might be worthwhile clarifying what part of the security industry because ESA seems more focused on the burg / alarm side of the business. Just like burg only dealers probably see no reason to follow IPVM, video focused companies probably do not see a ton of value from the ESA.

I always get my courses accredited by both. I find that different parts of the country favor one or the other.

BISCI is often more recognized as being manufacturer agnostic - while training courses certainly don't have to be.

ESA courses seem a little easier to get submitted, FWIW.