What Fingerprint Reader Make / Model Do You Use?

When it comes to fingerprint readers for access control, which brand or model do you use?

There are many to choose from, but it seems like every region or every vertical has it's preferred brand.

Thanks for sharing. We're picking models for an upcoming shootout and are curious to hear what you use / like.

Geovision GeoFinger was our choice for a project 3 years ago. We installed more than 20 on a local banking institution. I can say they have worked pretty well so far and are fairly priced so that integrators can still earn a decent profit margin after marking up the direct importer's cost and price for selling to the end customer. The occasional support calls we have received, related to failure on reading fingerprints, have more to do with electrical problems (after a deep audit with the bank's electricity guys: we found very bad grounding with improper soldering done by the building sub-contractor's electrician, and also under-voltages which are endemic at that site and always show up starting the rainy season around March - April. But that would be another topic 'cause it has to do with lack of or failure to do the maintenance of the UPS Battery's Surge & Transient Protector .....

Facekey AC02's.

HID's BioCLASS. Easy to setup and enroll users. The fingerprint information is enrolled and stored on the card as opposed to the reader or central database.

Suprema for the finger print/reader and HandKey for the full hand.

It does not fall into really the same area as what you are looking for but, We have used Crossmatch Guardian readers for CATSA.

I used a set of four BioScrypt readers on a project a couple of years ago, but found their support abysmal. Have stayed away since then, far away.

We've integrated to Suprema, with hundreds of units installed by dealers over the last 8 years, and have found that they make excellent hardware.

That's a good endorsement, Mark. Thanks. We took a brief look at Suprema at a show once and the demonstration was... well... underwhelming. The presenter was having a hard time with enrollments and reads, but maybe he or the equipment was just having an off day. First impressions are not always the right impressions.

I've noticed than no one is recommending any ultra-cheap alibaba type units. Even that GV Geofinger runs ~$450.

Thanks for the feedback so far!

... As an ex-boss of mine told me long ago (he was in the construction hardware business) : in China you can buy a $1.25 hammer from any factory. Also, you can request the same factories a $100 bucks hammer to be made specially for your market. But don't complain when your customer comes back to you asking for a refund on the $1.25 hammer's broken handle when it fell accidentaly to the floor. He said: I mean, what did you expect ??? It is a $1.25 hammer for God's sake, NOT a hammer that you can leave to your child as inheritance after you are dead.

... Moral of the story: CHEAP Fingerprint readers = equals to more RMA returns = equals to dissatisfied customers with a blow to your reputation as a serious and professional integrator = equals to welcoming free stress and technical support headaches ....

In my humble opinion : advice based on my professional experience : better pay 15 - 35% extra for a Taiwanese or Korean made alternative rather than the cheapest Shenzhen stuff you can find online. It will save you a lot of extra headaches with your customers. Also, Taiwanese and Korean tech support tend to be better ("better-than-average-Spanish-English-speaking-well-travelled-and-informed-in-the-local-cultures-of-the-Americas,-not-just-USA" Sales and Field Support Engineers, with offices in California on almost the same timezone, etcetera, etc.).... and you just pay a little more than the cheap Chinese alternative.

We have used the old Bioscrpyt readers (75ish) in past with good success. Now we are deploying the newer Morpho 4G V-Flex readers. Haven't had any issues so far. I would like to see Suprema tested.

Speaking of low cost options, here is a $33 "Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Attendance System Recorder and Door Access Control" with Wiegend output. Evidently, there are some people buying and liking it on Amazon.

John, I´ve worked with these time attendance clocks before. The hardware works but trying to extract good reports and nice spreadsheets for payroll is not so intuitive. The software is crap (as in "software thrown in because you have to bundle it with software" !! ...

You may want to look at Invixium.

Roman, why? Anything in particular that is critically different about Invixium versus existing offerings?

we have deployed over 200 units of suprema products with almost no issues. we weren't as happy with ZK software products as they constantly fail to work properly.

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