Avigilon Or Axis - Which Is Better For Shopping Centers?

Dear All ,

i am planning to change all existing analog systems in our shopping Centers I need the recommend solution .


Samer, at a high level, I think both could do a solid job in a shopping center.

Can you be more specific about what technology or problems you want solved? For example, Axis has far more options for PTZs, so if you plan to deploy a lot of PTZs, Axis is likely better.

On the other hand, if the system is large, Axis' VMS, ACS is probably not a good fit, so either all Avigilon or Axis + a third party VMS would be better.

If you can explain more about what the shopping center needs or wants, this would enable us to provide you better feedback.

Also, does the shopping center want/need analytics? Depending upon the scale of the facility analytics may assist the typically limited quantity of security personnel reviewing video.

One of the other things I would take a look at is local support, Axis is open so pretty much any security company can get support; Avigilon would get a little more difficult if you don't have dealers in the areas you're trying to do the upgrade (assuming it isn't a single shopping center).

Both definitely have their pro's and con's; I would typically suggest Axis but given unique circumstances there are definitely times that Avigilon is a better fit. Are you planning on using a single manufacturer end-to-end or using a VMS? If so, then that may allow you to not have to pick between the two

Matthew, good points. I'd second the integrator element. If you have or find an integrator who you have clear confidence in, if they favor or cannot support one, that would be an important factor in deciding between the two manufacturers.

Axis does have a nice selection of PTZ cameras which do work well with Avigilon's ACC software so you can mix cameras if you need/want to.

I am under the impression that you will get more out of your storage and servers with Axis zipstream technology.

Having used both Avigilon analilytic cameras and Axis zipstream cameras I would take the Aviglon's object/pixel search feature over saving a couple of bucks on storage. The ability to search a busy parking lot just for people or receive an alert when a person is in the mall after hours is valuable tool and huge time saver.

Also, recording on classified objects can save immense space by not recording items that would otherwise cause motion alerts (leaves/trash blowing around, shadows, etc). However, the disclaimer to that is if something is not identified as a classified object (vehicle or person) then the end users are potentially missing out on forensic video.

UD1 setup both classified objects and reg motion

just for reg motion use "reference image recording"

Thank you, I will give it a try!