Which Analytic Systems/Cameras Do People Counting And Dwell Time Tracking?

Which analytic systems/cameras can be used to get counts of people in an area and dwell time? And can they be used with any VMS or any cameras (if appliance)?

Thank you

I have had good success with the HikVision IP dome cameras with the people counting Analytics on board. It spits out a clean Excel sheet with the counts in and out.

Marty, thanks. Beyond the Excel spreadsheet, can you see the people counting results in the iVMS-4200 or any client?


I only have (2) of the cameras deployed that are used for people counting only and both customers hit the camera directly to download the files, although the camera are attached to the NVR and they use iVMS-4200 as well. I will check with the customer and get back on that point I would like to know as well for future business.