Where Would You Locate A Camera To View Over A Vehicle Gate?

I am trying to come up with the best solution for viewing vehicles entering through a gate. The purpose is to be able to view who's fault it is for any damage to a vehicle caused by a closing gate. I personally think the gate gives you sufficient time (and then some) to enter so I don't believe the gate is closing too quickly however, there have been several claims that the gate has damaged the vehicles for one reason or the other.

There are two posts at the gate, one that sits within the gate area (Red X), and the other that sits outside and is a lamp post (Green X). The client initially wanted us to put a camera at the highest point possible on the lamp post. The lamp post is probably 25 ft high. There is another post that sits within the gated area where the gate swings open. The problem is that the post is about 15ft high but sits approximately 4 feet from where the gate opens completely. So this post does not provide a "line" view of the gate completely open while the vehicle drives through. The problem with the lamp post is that there is a guard shack that may block the view of the vehicles driving in.

I have attached a picture with some added commentary to give you an idea. My apologies for such poor detail but I only just now thought about posting on IPVM. I know, shame on me.

Not to sidetrack your questions with the first reply, but have you considered adding a standoff sensor or inductive loop that will prevent the gate from closing if a vehicle is in the way?

This is the common solution to the problem you describe.

I was noticing today that the posts in front of the card reader were fairly scratched up and, I have also witnessed 2 cars go through one card swipe with no real rush. The gate will stay open so it really isn't the gate closing that is causing the problem. Its the inpatient drivers. But this is only part of project as we will be installing other cameras as well.

The gate will stay open so it really isn't the gate closing that is causing the problem. Its the impatient drivers.

So the problem is that impatient drivers are making contact with the gate before its fully opened and then claiming that the damage was because the gate closed on them too soon?

Shouldn't just the location of the damage to the car be enough to validate or invalidate their claims?

Well you would think, however that's not the project at hand for me or an arguement that i want to spend time on.

I originally quoted a camera (2.8mm) under the eaves as Chuck pointed out however the client requested the camera installed on the lamp post or the other post. Not sure why, they did get other quotes so it may have been from there.

How about the underside of the overhang of the guard shack? Why so high on the inside light pole? You just need a good camera covering the entire opening. Since you have a card reader on the outside of the gate, how about a wide angle camera there - looking into the gate opening. You have already established the cable path. You'll also catch the license plate.

My understanding is that there is a safety code for automated gates that requires two forms of safety devices to reverse gate operation if obstructed. Most often they are photobeams, inductive loops, edge sensors and stall current sensors. UL325 is often specified