Where To Get Axis Camera Spare/ Replacement Parts?

One of my techs dropped an Axis camera while he was trying to hang it. End result is that the data cable "ribbon" from the lens to the body of the camera partially ripped at one end where it plugs into the body of the camera. Because the camera was already preprogrammed for installed we only switched out with a new lens (with new cable ribbon) and camera worked just fine. However, now I have a camera that is no good unless I can replace the data cable ribbon. My question, does Axis have replacement parts and if so, where can I find them?

Hello! actually from my side of dealing with axis, the replacement depends on the type of the replacement component - if it can be sent as a replacement or the board should be sent as whole for example - you will have to check on availability of the spare part from axis them self's , or any company who are re seller or distributor. so you gotta ask Axis if the cable can be sent separately or in any next shipment , they usually do. hope this helps!

I figured I would have to contact Axis but wasn't sure if there was an easier route to take. Thanks!