Lists Of Security Integrators

[UPDATE: IPVM now has its own Security Integrator Finder which has the largest in the world directory of integrators.]

Often, people would like to know what security integrators are out there. To that end, it would be useful to have lists.

In this discussion, I want to pull together a directory of lists available online. I'll start with 3 that I know of:

  • Milestone's Reseller Finder: This is a pretty fantastic tool. Map based, with listings for dealers all around the world, includes phone numbers and websites. Only downside is that it's just Milestone's dealers, but since almost everyone is a Milestone dealer (ha ha), it's pretty broad.
  • PSA Integrator Finder: A solid search tool that returns phone numbers and websites of 195 integrators (pretty much North America only)
  • SDM 100 Systems Integrators: I hate these type of rankings because it consists of self reported numbers from private companies who elect to participate. Also, you need to pay $595 to get any contact details for the companies. But the plus is that it lists revenue so it helps in getting a sense of company size.

Reader recommendations:

Here is Bosch's Dealer Locator

I think Panasonic has one too but I don't where that is....

Thanks, Steve!

Plus side - it comes with contact details, include name, website and phone number.

Limitations - only US and Canada. In the US, you can only search within 100 miles of a zip code.

Another good find! Strangely though Hawaii is absent on their list of US states.

It's useful, as it has company URL and email.

I know Axis and ONSSI have a very limited dealer list where they only list their top dealers (likely 500,000k and up).

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