Where To Source Ladders And Other Tools?

outfitting trucks for a new tech, and looking to outfit another 3 or 4 later this year, so figured I should get it right.

Head over to Home Depot? Amazon Prime? Grainger? Uline?

There are usually smaller outfits in the local area that are more accommodating on price. Also they tend to carry a limited number of product lines which helps with standardization of trucks. Aside from a local store Amazon is my go to for specialty tools and Grainger when I need something oddball locally.

We get ladders from Home Depot, it is hard to imagine anyone has them cheaper. Plus they are on every corner. We also get all of our tools from there. We have a program for new techs if they do not have basic hand tools, we buy them and allow the cost to removed from their check over a few weeks. As we grow we typically hire helpers and move the helpers up as they are now trained and experienced.

Obviously specialty tools like hand held test monitors come from other sources

FYI, I found that Uline has pretty solid pricing on fiberglass A Frame ladders, even after shipping costs. $35 to ship 8 ladders is pretty solid.