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When Will HEVC & UHD(4K) Network Camera Be Popular In The Video Surveillance Market?

Hi all,

I want to know that when HEVC and UHD(4K) network camera will be popular in the video surveillance market.

What is your opinion?

I am sure they would be 'popular' today if anyone had them. Are you literally asking about 'popularity' or are you really asking about availability?

The demand from customers is certainly there. It's really the supply that is the issue - i.e., when can manufacturers deliver, at what price and with what feature sets.

Hi Hoh,

popular means common and available in the video surveillance market.

when will many manufacture release the HEVC and UHD(4K) network camera?

I'm a bit worried about the extra CPU power required for HEVC when compared to h.264.

It will proberbly limit it usage to 4K camera's only, once they get there.

My opinion is 2 years, because:

Problems with UHD(4K) adoption that need to be solved:

1. Storage - we need to double HDD capacity to 8TB at current 4TB prices to make recording solutions viable for mainstream and entry -mid level systems - probably 2 years for this to happen

2. UHD will require 15Mbps of inbound bandwidth per HEVC camera - mainboards on PCs should have 10Gb NICs to to permit supporting 16+ cameras per NIC without expensive NIC addons.

3. UHD PC monitors around the 27" mark need to become readily available to allowing seeing at least 1 camera with full detail in full screen without tedious zooming in and out - probably 2 years before this happens

4. Sensitivity of 1/3" 8M BSI CMOS need to be increased to current 1/3" 3MP FSI CMOS sensor levels - at the moment the 8M sensors are 50% less light sensitive then the 3MP equivalents - this will probably take 2 years as well as Omnivision has only just released a mass market OV8865 30fps 1/3" 8M BSI CMOS for production in Q4 2013 so it will be at least a year before the OV887x is annouced. Without low cost 1/3" UHD sensors we will not have our mainstream UHD camera.

5. Value/mainstream lenses for 3MP are about the max at the moment for most manufactuers. It is still hard to find a 5M rated lens - so it will be a while before we have low cost 8M rated lenses.

Things that are not problems:

* CPU power - multistreaming solves this - so in other words the VMS servers are ready

* HDD speed - 7200RPM SATA3 disks easily achieve 300Mbps (30MB/s) throughput

* DSPs/encoders - mass market products already available from Amberalla et al.

Thank you! Bohan Huang

You think that UHD Network camera will be generalized and common in 2015.


I think we will have a $500 UHD camera in Q3 2015.