Surveillance Manufacturers Do The Ice Bucket Challenge

Now we know the meme has truly died.

Imagine the possibilities.

  • Milestone guy challenges Genetec.
  • Mobotix CEO challenges head of ONVIF.
  • Avigilon's ex-CFO challenges the CEO.

Courtesy of Deadspin:

I just don't negotiate with charity terrorists.

Ari, you have 24 hours...

@Ari, unless you know this man, I would suggest you question the authenticity of this 'challenge' on the basis of several telling markers:

  1. Pants appear wet before dousing
  2. Water reclamation in position bucket below, (most useful in serial challenges)
  3. Wall to left appears splashed
  4. Addressing the challenged with somewhat rarely heard "Cameraman Ari Erenthal"*
  5. No actual ice bucket nor any actual ice in bucket
  6. Feigned exaggerated shiver
  7. Shot in the dark, when a lit, warmer area seems available behind
  8. Shot seated to make it easier on assistant's repeated lifting
  9. Challenger does not reflexively rise after 'ice water' drenching

Given your admirable stance on chariable terrorism, I believe you should insure that this is not the work of a serial bucketteer before complying.

*Thx C

The deadline should be extended since the challenge was placed during Shabbat.


John, you have 24 hours...

So we've barely caught our breath from all the security mfgr Harlem Shake vids, and you go and thrown down this gauntlet...

My goodness, it looks to be late fall already in Montreal....

And Axis has done the Ice Bucket Challenge. Clever execution:

Try the polar bear challenge in great lakes or alaska , that s a real challenge

otherwise its just childs play , no real challenge

Cold for a moment , then a little wet , then warm as usuall

High Country Swimming in Ice Lakes , Thats a real Challenge

My Scout master was 87 years old and would hike to the high country lakes to challenge all the boy scouts to a swim in the ice lakes every summer in the sierras of ca.

When doing the Ice Bucket Challenge...make sure to check for power lines if the bucket needs to be raised more than 12 ft from the ground.

When the Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Awry:

"Campbellsville Police Chief Tim Hazlette said the power line was never touched Thursday morning, but it carried such a high voltage that it was able to energize the ladder truck, shocking the firefighters."

Now Axis' founder has done the ice bucket challenge, calling out Genetec, Milestone and Convergint:

By the way, is he in Sweeden? How cold is it in Sweeden in August? It looks it.

Is it just me or does Martin look like a condemned man in front of a firing squad, about to be blindfolded?

Add Tri-Ed to the list.

New acquirer Anixter has yet to take the challenge, perhaps feeling the deal itself was proof of their willingness to go "under water".

Tri-Ed issued a press release for this? sigh...

Axis and Tri-Ed did it as a result of being challenged by Anixter.

Any word on the rumor that they may be challenging end-users directly?

  • Milestone guy challenges Genetec.
  • Mobotix CEO challenges head of ONVIF.
  • Avigilon's ex-CFO challenges the CEO.

I'm guessing the idea in general with these types of pairings is to for the challenger to demonstrate their unflappable willingness to back ALS, by intentionally challenging someone who they might not see eye to eye with, and putting aside any petty personal differences for the good of the cause.

With that in mind, one question remains for your inevitable outbound challenge:

B. Schmode or T. Rockoff? Or???