When Must You Use VMS Or CMS Including Pros And Cons?

Hi All,

I am trying to understand when must you use VMS, for small, medium or large set up. Also what are the real benefits of having a VMS instead of just purchasing NVR's. Most suppliers are proposing the VMS which is a higher cost but i am trying to understand the benefits others than the integration level. Appreciate if you could share a guide to act as a benchmark and also to share with clients from an advisory standpoint.


Richard, have you seen this? VMS vs CMS

Thanks John.

Are there any diagrams which shows the difference in VMS or standalone NVR placement? Its a learning curve for me so require more data on the actual installation ,method / equipment / software / licensing and any others that is required.

When must you use VMS? basically asking for the A to Z of VMS including the pros and cons.