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When A Security Company Installs A System And It Doesn't Work, Many Times The Client Associates That With The Brand Itself Being Inferior

If I take away the cyber risk and the politics surrounding Hik/Dahua that we are all talking about, I find my biggest issue with them is the type of security companies, in my state, that are selling and installing the systems. I have removed several of these systems (or parts of it) due to poor installs, inappropriate camera choices for the views, and insufficient training to the client on the use of the system. 

When a security company installs a system and it doesn't work, many times the client associates that with the brand itself being inferior. This can make it harder for the security companies that also sells that brand, but makes sure that their techs are trained and understands how to install and train the end user on the system, to sell it as well.  

Please note: I know not all companies selling this brand is as I described above. I am talking about the companies, I know of, in my state, that is selling this brand. Due to this and all of the controversy surrounding the brand I find that it's not worth the risk to carry this line. 


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