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Whats The Best Solution For On Top Of Building 22 Feet High To Have The Best 180 Degree Fov?

I am working with a 2 story residential home and the client wants a distance of 150 in length and 200 feet wide. I was thinking about mounting it at the top of the house about 22 feet in height and looking to catch details whereby it has the fxn to zoom into the item or person on playback to analyse any strange occurences. Even zooming in live to ID a person sitting in a car 150 feet away. Should I use a solution with multiple megapixel cameras viewing all 180 degrees or should I use a PTZ to do a tour and have the ability to zoom in on live view of strange occurences?

Feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you Brian for the info. its appreciated.

Using a PTZ tour would likely not be suitable. "Bad stuff" always seems to happen where the PTZ isn't currently touring.

You could manually integrate detection sensors to queue a PTZ to a specific place. Optex offers an ACAP app that pairs Axis PTZ and perimeter detection, for example. Your 200' wide area could be covered by that application.

However, the same effect is possible with different methods. You can (generally) integrate something similar with I/O modules, sensors, and VMS alerts depending on the exact equipment used.