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Whatever Happened To That Cheap Thermal Crowdfund?

Has anyone received their pre-ordered Mu Optics Thermal Imager?

The $150 iPhone thermal imaging adapter was discussed on IPVM about a year ago. The crowdfunding page estimated delivery in May 2013, so I went looking for the finished product. More than 18 months later, it's still on pre-order, though a little less transparently, with no pricing indicated. In 2013, the crowdfunding page cited an intended retail price below $325. Meanwhile, FLIR ONR is shipping for $350.

I have no association with either product, but wondered if IPVM members could provide feedback about either one?

wait, wait, wait...

A crowdfunded project that misses the projected ship date by more than a year?

I'm shocked.

Hold on... no I'm not. :(