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Features For Access Control Software?

I am involved in EAC software design. What are the features or functions that most of need in an EAC software?

Do let me know your thoughts.

Hello Henry.

Thanks for asking this question. The software need to accomplish four basic tasks. (For members, we discuss this in IPVM's Access Control Fundamentals class):

Primary Goals of Access Control Software:

1.System Status (Live View): What's happening with the door; open/closed, locked/unlocked, credential scans

2.Administer People (Users/Credentials): Building and maintaining the database of users and the credentials they are issued

3.Administer Openings (Controllers): Building and maintaining the database of controlled openings; door schedules, inputs/outputs, open times, alarms

4.Reporting: The feature that permits users to mine the data collected by the system: Who/When/Where a door was opened

Along with these basic functions, I think there is a growing preference for remote accessiblity for this software. Users want to hit a browser page and get a web client that hosts these features.