What VMSes Support Server Side Motion Detection?

We are compiling a list of VMSes that support server side motion detection and those that do not. We've added a few to start, but as members contribute, we will add them to the list.

VMSes that support VMD server side:

  • Genetec
  • IndigoVision
  • ipConfigure
  • Luxriot
  • Milestone
  • Network Optix
  • NUUO
  • Video Insight

VMSes that do not support VMD server side:

  • Avigilon
  • ExacqVision

Thank you for your feedback!

Server side or client side? IndigoVision has motion search on the VMS client.

Thank you for the feedback Carl. Added.

This may be obvious to many, but any that are of the Hybrid nature would support "Server side Motion Detection" For instance Exacq - (Hybrid models only)

Avigilon can be added to list

Now that Railto's are intergrated

Analyics are recorded on ACC from Avigilon cameras and 3rd party cameras

Not exactly server side but same concept

No way, not the same concept.

This is like a camera claiming 'Integrated IR LEDs' but requiring an external illuminator.

Alex, I love you buddy! +1 for Funny!

Think of it as server based but on separate server

Plus better them VM detection :)