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What VMSes Support GPU Load Processing?

Follow up- does anyone know which VMS manufacturers will support GPU load processing? PNY was just here and I'm now eager to try a Quadro out on a customer's application.

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The only one I have ever heard of who made a big deal out of talking about using GPU processing is NLSS. However, NLSS doesn't permit you to install their software on your hardware. They require you to use their custom built servers.

What exactly do you mean by "Support GPU Load Processing" ?

I believe using GPUs to process / display video on a client.

Ah got it. Just realized the OP may mean video decompression etc for processing

Doesn't some Video card come w/ HW h.264 decoding?

Nvidia PureVideo - Wikipedia

I assumed it was using the GPU on the server side, and not just for recording video but also processing analytics, so that's how I answered it.

I think that none of them like Milestone, Genetec, etc...but I've heard Avigilon have implemented CUDA protocol from nVidia graphic cards to use it and unload processor...true or not...I don't know.

Yes Avigilon uses CUDA from nVidia in ACC 5

Here is my understanding:

Nvidia and ATI cards do not have much decoding on-board. With most top video cards recently introduced second decoder inside GPU, and I believe you still limited with 1080p resolution.

Intel HD graphics are different with QuickSych. However it is windows only and, more importantly, monitor must be connected to this video card in order to make QuickSych available. So average laptop with second, third and forth gen of iX processor having external (extra ATI or NVIDIA) video card has no QuickSych, regardless of the fact chip is in place.

However GPU is still very useful for VMS to unload some operation from CPU rather than decoding, such as: color transformation (you know all this MPEGs/JPEG is YUV and needs to be transformed to RGB to be displayed). And of cause DEWARPING is perfect for any GPU.

We (Network Optix) use GPU a lot.