What VMSes Only Require A Single License For Multi-Channel Encoders?

Milestone's 2014 announcement of lower cost analog encoder licensing drew a lot of attention. Previous to that, Avigilon offers a single VMS license for their own 4 channel encoders.

Question: What about other VMSes? Exacq? Genetec? Others?


Avigilon - single channel license for Avigilon branded encoders.

Exacq  - single channel license per IP of encoder up to 4 cameras.

Genetec - single channel license per camera feed regardless of channels on encoder (one promotion exception)

Milestone - single channel license per IP of encoder.

OnSSI - single channel license per IP of encoder.

VideoInsight - single channel license per IP of encoder.

Here's what I can gather about a couple of the regulars - please correct me if anything is inaccurate:

Avigilon - single channel license for Avigilon branded encoders.

Milestone - single channel license per IP of encoder.

Exacq (Tyco) - single channel license per IP of encoder up to 4 cameras.

Tony, FYI I edited your summary. Milestone does it per IP address so if a multi-channel encoder has 4 IP addresses, then it will require 4 licenses not 1. Examples of this include the Axis M7010 16-channel encoder which has 4 ip addresses but it's replacement, the Axis M7016, has just 1 IP address.

Also, edited it for Exacq.

Video Insight requires only one license for each IP address, no matter the brand. I've got HIKvision, Axis, Dahua, Advidia and Arecont devices running that way (multi-channel encoders, multi-imager cameras, etc)

Exacq and Vivotek

Exacq server version (December 2012) and Vivotek firmware version 0200a

Vivotek 8401 is a 4 analogue input encoder to one IP license with Exacq.

Exacq recognizes and individually archives 4 analogue camera inputs

Works fine

Also Vivotek VS8801 (8 Analogue inputs 2 IP licenses with Exacq, call Vivotek for special firmware and how to enable operation)

Feedback from Exacq:

Exacq only requires one license per IP address of an encoder up to 4 channels/cameras. So if a 16 channel encoder has 4 IP addresses, you need 4 Exacq licenses. However, if a 16 channel encoder only has 1 IP address, you still need 4 Exacq licenses (unlike Milestone where the requirement is only one).

Feedback from Genetec, short answer is no to this, except for one specific case:

Genetec offers an analog camera connection, which is licensed per analog camera connected to an encoder, rather than per device IP address. Customers can migrate these to a full IP connection as they move to IP cameras over time, helping to spread out the cost of the system. We also offer a bundle with Bosh through Ingram Micro, which includes Security Center licenses, SMA, and a 16-port encoder.


OnSSIshould be added to the list. It is true they are a Milestone OEM. They do use the Milestone recorders but intheir own way they are really good VMS. I can't understand they aren't on the list.

I added OnSSI to the list. Btw, anyone is free to mention other manufacturers for the list.

Any idea how I could know how many IP addresses an encoder has?

It should be listed in the encoder's user manual or A&E specification sheet.

For example, I just looked up a 4 channel Sony encoder, found the A&E specification sheet, searched the doc for 'ip address' and found this:

"The SNT-EP104 shall have 4 independent and consecutive MAC address and each channel can be assigned an independent IP address"

As noted above, it depends on the manufacturer. Sony is 1 IP for each channel, where many are 1 IP for 4 or even 16 channels.

If you don't find it in the docs, feel free to ask us or ask the manufacturer.

Thanks John, it's a shame that information that important is so hard to find.

Full disclosure: I am an RSM for Axis

Just wanted to clear one thing up from the comment thread as I read through it. Our newest 16-channel encoders only have 1 IP address, not 4. For example, the M7010 16-channel had 4 ip addresses but it's replacement, the M7016, has 1 IP address.

This is a really helpful thread, as licensing questions come up all the time!

D, thanks. Good to know.

I've edited the earlier comment above to reflect that information.