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What VMS Do These Bid Specs Seem To Be Written Around?

Here's a few choice ones:

The VMS shall not require a database when recording video

The VMS shall use the OS native file system for recording video. For example if there was video on March 1, 2012 from 10am until 10:35 am, it would be stored in the subfolders for year/month/day/hour. In the example it would be in the D:\2012\03\01\10 directory. Each video stream will be kept in 5 minute increments.

The VMS will allow for video export into following formats: .exe (standalone executable) .avi and .ps (for multiplexing audio and video)

The VMS Server shall operate on Microsoft Windows Server or Mac OSX

Any ideas?

That appears to be lifted boilerplate from Exacq's A&E Spec. See "2.02 AA)" for example.

Thanks, I kind of assumed that by default because I don't sell Exacq, and didn't recognize those features in any other VMS I deal with. Thanks for the confirmation.

BTW, technically speaking, what software platform is that written on that will allow it to run on Windows, Linux and OSX? They're one of the few that offer that much cross OS variety.

Wait a second, Exacq server only runs on Windows or Linux. The client will run on all three.

except for the part about the server running on MAC OSX, that is "exacqly" Exacq specs.

the .PS is Exacq's own format when video is exported and stored.