What To Do About Such Useless Surveillance Video? (Example Inside)

A member forwarded us this clip which is big news right now in Greece, featuring an assassination. Watch:

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The member notes that, "The footage is hard to watch and I cannot see why something like this should be published mainly because it is impossible to collect usable forensic info."

Unfortunately, this type of video is far too common.

On the plus side, one could argue that at least this video gives fundamental evidence - where exactly did it occur, how many people where there, how many approached them, how long it took, what happened first, how long did it take, etc.

On the other, there's a number of obvious problems - the huge tree in the middle that blocks most of the view, the very high mounting position, the camera seemingly try to do too many things - is it monitoring the store entrance/exit? is it monitoring the street? is it monitoring the corner outside the store? evidently, the designer/user wanted to do all 3 and in the process made it hard to see any details.

Thoughts? Comments?

Why is video like this published? One reason that comes to mind is that sometimes there are witness to an event who may not realize they witnessed that event, but seeing the video will clue them in that, "Hey, I was right in that area and saw those guys walking away" or some such.

On its own it may seem "useless" but coupled with other video sources from the area, it may also help complete a puzzle.

man some people are awful... the video although lacking in many aspects will prove to be very useful in determining how everything happend...