What Software Do You Use To Keep Track Of Costs On Jobs?

We are currently using the software that we use for our IT company (connectwise), but it is not good for keeping track of cost of wire, etc...

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you

Here is that website: Connectwise

I worked for an integrator that used a custom extension of the Inventory Management platform, Microsoft GreatPlains, which served as a full-blown ERP for the business.

From similar discussion in the past, I believe many integrators actually still do this manually via spreadsheets, so I'm following this thread with interest too.

I believe I one time heard the someone uses fishbowl. But it really wasnt right for us.

David...did you ever settle on a new software platform? We use Connectwise as well and like it for ticketing and CRM but the job costing portion is a problem for us as well. Interested in how things worked out.

Thanks, Mike