What Should Be Expected Of A New Security / Surveillance Sales Rep From Ramp Period To Sales Quota?

As we move our company into offering security and surveillance we're struggling to establish sales quota's, simply because we're not sure the type of volume a sales rep should be generating monthly.

For example we have 10 sales reps in 10 major markets that have been selling cloud and IP telephony products for the past 5 years, now that we're moving into security and surveillance "which is a new product to them" we're unsure of the ramp up period - we're assuming 6 to 9 months. We are also unsure of the Non Recurring Sales (NRC) and Monthly Recurring Sales (MRR) quota - obviously we would really like them to push the MRR with contracts (Security Services / Hosted Video / Central Station)

Note: We only sell B2B and offer Burglar Alarm / Surveillance Solutions (On-Prem / Hybrid / Hosted ) along with a suite of central monitoring features like (video monitoring, door / gate actuation and etc). No Fire or Suppression Systems.

My questions are:

- Based your experience of hiring / training sales reps - what's the typical ramp up period?

- Also what sort of monthly sales volume would you expect from a sales rep located in a Tier I / Tier II market.

- What would the quota be if it was based on MRR?

- What would the quota be if it was based on One Time Sale / Non Recurring Sale?

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!

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