What Scissors / Snips Do You Prefer?

In a recent discussion scissor / snip form factor came up. I am curious to hear what you prefer: a specific style or brand , or just cheap because they get replaced often.

The main three that we discussed are below.

Electrician Scissor:

Datacom Snip:

D-Ring Snip:

Which one of these do you prefer? Or something else entirely?

I like the electrician's scissors. Never really liked the other styles.

I like the D-Ring Snips.

This is my favorite. Klein Tools flush cutter.

I have a few electrician scissors (snips) from my days at the telephone company. Fine for 24 AWG wire but once the conductors get too big, a pair of lineman's pliers does the trick for me.

Caveat, I never had the opportunity to try out the other two choices.

Is anyone running out of topics?

Having the most efficient, most comfortable, easiest to use, or cheapest tools is important to some members, so we write about it.

This discussion is thematic and inline with our other install related reports / discussions, like selecting ladders, everyday carry, lifts, BYOD?, radio communications and others.

Hopefully somebody found that useful.

I found it useful. I'm wearing my Duluth pants right now.

I have all of them in my tool box, and I prefer the D-Ring style for snips.

When cutting zip ties the Klein flush cuts are a must, and they should be an industry standard. If you have ever been wounded by a sharply cut zip tie you probably know that using snips on zip ties is EVIL.

That's why you should turn you tie wraps inward, because the person that usually gets slashed by a sharp tie wrap edge is usually you, servicing a job you installed half a decade ago.

What do you mean turn them inward? So the cut end is pointed into the cable bundle?

Either towards the bundler, or towards the wall/ceiling, depending on your application.

I used to use the flush cuts for zip ties, but I tend to just use side cuts for zip ties after the blades broke on the flush cuts. If in confined spaces such as racks where you might get cut by a zip tip, I like using velcro wrap.

I have the D-Ring Snip. They work well. If I'm doing a lot of Cat cable I will use this to strip the outer jacket. I've gone back and forth between various cutting and stripping tools and find them all usable.

I also have the flush cuts listed below. I only use those for cutting the solder spike on a board or excess solder on and audio termination. I will also use the flush cuts on the heat shrink tubing and and small wires.

I personally tried multiple type and brand. My favourite is by far the Fluke Networks D-Snips - cable scissors. Mfg. Part: 44300000. They are a bit more expensive, and take a bit of time to get use to, but after a while they just fit like a glove, and the cutting power is increadible... you can cut four CAT6 easily in one shot!