What Products Does Everyone Like Or Dislike For Point To Point Wireless IP Camera Transmission?

Hello All,

I have been on here for a couple of months and I havent seen any discussion on wireless products. We seem to be getting more and more need for this and I would like to hear from some peole that have found a product that they like or dislike. We have about 10 different sites where we are shooting cameras wirelessly mostly using Luxul XAP-1040 antennas and have had pretty good results. We have also used some Trendnet N150 antennas for shorter ranges and 1 to 2 cameras transmitting, one site keeps locking up with this configuration. Just trying to give our customers the most reliable solution as we can, for their benefit as well as ours. Obviosly budget is always an issue, the Luxuls run about $450 each and the Trendnets are much cheaper at around $105 a piece. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Thanks, Tony


Have you looked into Ubiquiti at all? I am sure they have a product that will fit your needs and budget. Here is an IPVM test from a while back on the products. If you also search "wireless" you are will find some good resources and discussions on many applications.

Hi Tony

I've just started installing a point to multi point system using RepeatIT Wi-Fi hardware (if we want to get our geek on :) base station, BS342 MIMO with a 90 degree sector panel, subscribers, SU116s) and a number of Hikvision bullet cameras so will let you know in a few days! :)

So far so good... all boxes unpacked, contents carefully spread throughout my office, bench tested, broken and recovered various parts of the system… ready to start getting dirty/installing ..


I have used the Ubiquity product line successfully for many years. I have a site that has been running the Bullets for 7 years, and during that time period, I had one camera and one bullet take a lightning strike, other than that the system has been completely hands off. I have never had to go out and reset a unit, or troubleshoot it after the initial install. I have used the Nano Stations, and rockets tied to different antenna combinations. I have been really impressed with the Ubiquity stuff, and I have no desire to use anything else. The price point is there, the features are there, easy to set up, can configure it to shoot 2+ miles, or 200' so plenty of versatility in a single product line. I mainly use the 2.4 GHz and the 5GHz Bulletts and Nano Stations. Its worth giving it a try. I would recommend startign off with the Rockets, tied to a sector antenna, and the NSM5 (nanostation) on the camera side. Also this is the same combination as the Moog S3 who rebrands ubiquity. It all depends on where you want to go. The Nanostations have a distinct advantage as they have 2 network ports, so you can tie the camera right into it, and you don't need a switch out in the field for a single camera, or you can tie 2 nanostations together to create a hop to go around a corner or extend the range.

Thank you everyone, I appreciate the info. We just ordered some Ubiquity antennas for a job we have going now. I will post back and give a report on how they worked.

What did you end up ordering?

We ordered a pair of LocoM9 antennas for a job where we have a couple tree branches in the way. 1 3mp hikvision hooked up.

I also ordered a pair of LocoM2 antennas for a short shot of 200' line of sight. (3) 3mp Hikvision cameras hooked up.

We were big users of Ubiquiti until we noticed a sharp decline in quality control a couple years ago and lots of "funky" issues. Their email/forum only support option wasn't so bad when they worked, but got real old fast when we needed support right away.

We switched to Deliberant (now Ligowave) and it's been a lot better. Same price, more reliable, and with actual phone number for support.