What Manufacturers Offer Project Registration Discounts?

Hi. Seeking some information. Is there a list?

Are there any major differences I should be aware of? Read the "Should i register projects with manufacturers."

There's not a list but we could make one.

The most famous project registration manufacturer is Arecont who only offers registration and not volume discounts.

Axis, Exacq, and Onssi, Sony all offer project registrations that i know about. Arecont offers discounts to the originating party, or first to register only. But why you would go with Arecont is another story...

What do you have to give to them to qualify?

Business name, contact name, size of deal, all products pitched, phone numbers? Can you sign up on the spot as a partner when regeristering a deal?

Will they contact the customer without asking first? Should you register only your most promising deals? Does it look bad to the vendor If you don't close them?

too many question sorry.

Here's the Arecont project registration form. Knock yourself out!

Thanks. These will be invaluable! My first impressions:

With a hard-coded registration year of 2013, I should be able to claim 'first dibs' on most anything.

The probability thing though is throwing me into a tailspin: asking me "what's the probability?"... Well what's my price? That depends on the probability...

Finally, there is quite a bit of redundancy, I mean why not just combine the Competition and Distributor box into one to save space...

Axis project registrations are done through their partner portal, you just basically fill out who the end user is, some info like total project cost in Axis MSRP dollars, and a list of equipment, and who your distributor is. Then Axis will ponder for a few days then they will send a discount to your distributor who will ponder it around for a few more days and will email you a quote.

Sony, you contact your RSM, they ask you a bunch of questions, and they push the project discounts through, same thing with ONSSI.

Exacq has a project registration page on their partner portal you can fill out, but I usually just contact our RSM and he gets in touch with distribution who will again ponder around for a few days / weeks until they get motivated to send you a quote.

Moral of the story, when you get a project, don't procrastinate on your design, get your registrations out early.

Panasonic has offered it for a few years...WE get discounts for registering with them...

Samsung has as well for their partners.